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Client: Thirdi Group
Deliverables: Development, UX, UI, Concept, Discovery

Reimagining the customer experience for property sales

Thirdi Group is an innovative residential property development company with a constant desire to enhance their customers' experience throughout the purchase journey.

We were engaged to create a dynamic and scalable application - named Arti. Arti showcases a project's key features and benefits; from beautiful architecture and design, through to lot availability, interactive 3D floor plans, lifestyle & culture of the surrounding area, and registration of interested customers.

Arti is available across multiple devices for agents, from large 65” touchscreens we installed in the display suites, to tablets and laptops where agents can intimately walk through in finer detail with potential buyers over a coffee.

Beautiful renders with hotspot triggers

The stunning 3D renders showcase architecture, landscape, kitchen, and bathrooms. Hotspot icons over the renders allow buyers to discover more information on each.

2D / 3D floor plans

Individual floor plans allow prospective buyers the ability to find the perfect fit, both in 2D and interactive 3D complete with lot dimensions.

What’s around me?

Places of interest from the surrounding area were easily accessible including shopping, parks, education, transportation, and cafe/restaurant options conveniently displayed with travel times from the project location.

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