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Client: Oracle
Deliverables: Development, API Integration, UX, UI, Concept

Oracle Financial Services Analytical Application Prototype

Oracle delivers as part of it's financial services industry offering, a comprehensive, integrated suite of financial services analytical applications for both banking and insurance domain.

Oracle required a solution to enhance pre-sales activities as their vanilla "out-of-the-box" user interface was extremely outdated, uninspiring and presented poorly. Oracle needed to showcase it's product with a modern, intuitive and enjoyable user experience to maximise the impact of pre-sales activities and leave a lasting impression on potential clients.

We designed and developed a web application prototype for their Pricing Management Application with live integration to Oracle's Financial Services Analytical Applications (OFSAA) web services.

As part of our delivery, we presented a new design system and component based interface approach for Oracle to take the enhanced pre-sales prototypes beyond Pricing Management and rollout to all it's industry applications.

Streamlined user flows

We looked at the entire Pricing Management user flow from the ground up in order to streamline the experience, ensuring it was intuitive and friendly for relationship managers.

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